Your trusted partner with 30 years experience in the nonprofit sector.

“Catherine joined Plymouth in an interim leadership role to cover for the Chief Supportive Housing Officer vacancy. She was able to build relationships and quickly learn the context and culture to effectively support several directors during a time of significant transformation in the organization.  Catherine’s skills in change management, leadership development, and project management were key to our success.  She effectively coached people through changes and provided opportunities to build momentum and impact systems.”

 “You want Catherine on your team! If you have hard, complex projects that need both excellent project management as well as strategic planning – she is ideal. She is also a great writer and engages and listens well to diverse stakeholders which makes her a great team member if the project involves community engagement. I have worked with Catherine on several projects and I look forward to working with her again!”

“Our organization worked with Catherine over the past year on key aspects of organizational development as we planned our next phase of growth. Catherine helped us conduct staff listening sessions and market research in order to propose a plan for staffing structures and employee development. Our engagement with her was a definite added value for our organization both with regard to the capacity she brought as well as the skills and expertise in systems thinking. Catherine is a clear communicator, follows through on details, and provides a helpful sounding board for big picture ideation.” 

“Verrenti Consulting has been a real pleasure to work with. On the state-wide research project contracted with Catherine, she intensely focused on listening carefully to program leads, surfacing barriers and successes, synthesizing the data she collected, and presenting it in a way that made it clear, compelling, and actionable. She really helped us move our project forward in impactful ways. In addition to these professional attributes, Catherine has a wonderful sense of humor and is just a joy to work with!”

“I have worked with Catherine to develop several grant proposals to support children and families – she is just wonderful to work with!  She is so committed and culturally responsive in her work with us. Catherine is fully skilled and passionate about our success. With Catherine’s assistance, we secured more than $900,000 in funding for new programming, and I’ve learned so much about grant writing from her. I highly recommend her!”